Baptism is the first step, the gate, toward providing a spirituality for Christian living. It is the invitation to begin formation that hands on the faith that the apostles received from Christ. Baptism begins the process of conversion and discipleship. It incorporates persons into the mystery of Christ and into the faith community. “Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway of life in the Spirit...and the door which gives access to the other sacraments...we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission: “ Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word”(CCC-1213). “I solemnly assure you, no one can enter into God’s kingdom without being begotten of water and Spirit”(John 3:4)

“Baptism is therefore, above all, the sacrament of the faith by which, enlightened by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we respond to the Gospel of Christ. That is why the Church believes that it is its most basic and necessary duty to inspire all, catechumens, parents of children still to be baptized, and godparents, to that true and living faith by which they hold fast to Christ and enter into or confirm their commitment to the New Covenant. In order to enliven such faith, the Church prescribes the pastoral instruction of catechumens, the preparation of the children’s parents, the celebration of God’s word, and the profession of faith at the celebration of baptism” (RCIA-3)

Register at the SJCC office. 4 hours of classes are required.

*BOTH Godparents MUST be confirmed Catholics and have proof of Catholic marriage or be living single.

*Call the office for info on children age 8 and older & Adults.


RCIA (Adults)/RCIC (Children)
Uncatechized persons from other Christian traditions and unbaptized adults, who seek full initiation within the Church, must be admitted to the Catechumenate (CCL-851:1 and 865. RCIA-751:1 and Statute 6). Baptized, uncatechized Catholics should be prepared for the sacraments in a process other than the catechumenate.

Unbaptized children, who have attained the “age of reason,” are to be admitted to the catechumenate process adapted for children (CCL-852:1, RCIA-19, and National Statutes-18, 1988) (age of reason a child who has completed their seventh year).

Infants & Children under 7 years old
Infants are presented for baptism by the desire and obligation of parents/guardians (CCL-867). The Church requires that parents/guardians provide a reasonable hope for the infant’s upbringing in the faith as the basis of a licit baptism (CCL-868). 
Only a parent or legal guardian can give permission for a child to be baptized.



The Eucharist is the most august sacrament, in which Christ himself is contained, offered and received, and by which the Church constantly lives and grows. The Eucharistic Sacrifice, the memorial of the death and resurrection of the Lord, in which the sacrifice of the cross is perpetuated over the centuries, is the summit and source of all Christian life and worship; it signifies and effects the unity of the people of God and achieves the building up of the Body of Christ.

As children reach the age of reason, generally around age seven, the Church extends to them an invitation to celebrate the sacrament of Eucharist. The initiation into the Christian community that took place at baptism is further extended by inviting children to enter fully into the heart of Christian faith through participation in the Eucharist.

In the San Juan Catholic Community, preparation for the Sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion are done together. 

Requirements for First Penance and First Holy Communion:
Child must have attended two consecutive years of Sacrament Prep Classes (usually 2nd grade & 3rd grade)

Traditional First Communion dress or suit may be used.  No spaghetti straps without jacket.

Children are eligible to receive First Holy Communion as early as 3rd grade. Must have 2 consecutive years Religious Ed. classes.

*Contact the Office for info about Communion for the Homebound or adults & older children who have not received their First Holy Communion.



Click here to print the required Confirmation Sponsor Sheet

Confirmations are rotated yearly between our three main parishes.  Candidates must complete two concecutive years of preparation to be qualified to receive this Sacrament.

Confirmation Preparation Classes are held: 

  • Sundays at 6:00pm at St. Joseph in Monte Vista
  • Sundays at 5pm at St. Francis Jerome in Center
  • Holy Name of Mary students in Del Norte must choose to join either the Monte Vista group or Center group

For further questions or concerns, please contact Deacon Jerry LeBlanc at 850-0526

Students are eligible to begin preparation in 9th grade. Two consecutive years are required to complete the sacrament.

*Contact the SJCC Office for information on Adult Confirmation.


The Church has a rich tradition in its teaching on sacramental marriage and covenantal union. The Old Testament authors write of God making a covenant with the chosen people and promising them that they will never be forsaken. The New Testament authors write of Jesus as the new covenant and compare the relationship of Jesus with the Church to the relationship of a husband and wife. The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership for the whole of life, is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring.

Contact a priest or deacon 6 mos. prior to the wedding date to start the process of marriage

Holy Orders

Holy Orders

Holy Orders is the sacrament by which bishops, priests and deacons are ordained and receive the power and grace to perform their sacred duties. The sacred rite by which orders are conferred is called ordination. The apostles were ordained by Jesus at the Last Supper so that others could share in his priesthood.

For information on becoming a Priest or Deacon contact the Diocese of Pueblo’s Assistant Vocation Director: Father Carl Wertin at 719-680-1971 or email him at


Through Penance we receive God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness requires being sorry for our sins. In Penance we receive Jesus’ healing grace through absolution by the priest. The signs of this sacrament are our confession of sins and the words of absolution.

In the San Juan Catholic Community, preparation for the Sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion are done together. 

Requirements for First Penance and First Holy Communion:
Child must have attended two consecutive years of Sacrament Prep Classes (usually 2nd grade & 3rd grade)

Traditional First Communion dress or suit may be used.  No spaghetti straps without jacket.

Monte Vista ~ Confessions Sat. 4pm or by appointment

Center ~ Confessions Sunday 11am

Del Norte ~ Confessions During Priest Availability Days. Thur & Fri

*Missions before or after weekend masses.

*Children receive 1st Reconciliation with 1st Communion. Must have also been in Religious Ed. the previous year.

Holy Orders
Annointing the Sick

Annointing the Sick

This sacrament unites a sick person’s suffering with that of Jesus and brings forgiveness of sins. Oil, a symbol of strength, is the sign of this sacrament. A person is anointed with oil and receives the laying on of hands from a priest.

Communal anointing is celebrated yearly in each parish. If someone is ill or in the hospital, call the parish office.

Emergencies Priest Call  

(719) 852-0644